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exceeding your expectations

In addition to our positioning in Europe backed up by Spanish entity Cebisa Madrid
(30 years’ experience, 60 employees, 6 000 m²/month in DS 4 to 6-layer PCBs),
Cebisa France proposes a comprehensive offering with high competitive potential.

More than 10 years’ experience offshore:
7-person team in Shenzhen, China: logistics, technical data management and analysis, quality/audit tracking, surveys (technology watch, marketing intelligence), client care
A range of referenced and qualified manufacturers assisting with the industrialisation of your products from prototype to medium and large-scale production
(ISO 9001/ISO TS/EN 9100/Rohs & Reach compliant)
Access to leading technologies and proven expertise and know-how
Costing to support your competitiveness requirements

Contact us to find out what we can offer you!


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